Text in Visualization – thesis on-line

You can now find my full thesis on-line. Instead of reading the whole thesis to learn about the design space of text in visualization, you can find a two page overview that summarizes the entire thesis on page v-vi:BrathThesisTextInVizDesginSpaceOverview.PNG

The first half of the thesis (page v on the left) methodically defines the design space by reviewing many examples. The second half of the thesis (page vi on the right) then tests the breadth of the design space by creating many different kinds of extended and novel visualizations and provides general critiques. If you want to drill down into any area, little blue subscripts are links to the corresponding chapters.

For readers of the blog, you’ll find more detail on many items previously discussed here.

About richardbrath

Richard is a long time visualization designer and researcher. Professionally, I am one of the partners of Uncharted Software Inc. I have recently completed a PhD in data visualization at LSBU. The opinions on this blog are related to my personal interests in data visualization, particularly around research interests related to my PhD work- this blog is about exploratory aspects of data visualization not proven principles.
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1 Response to Text in Visualization – thesis on-line

  1. Hello, Richard. Would you like to give a presentation about your thesis (over Zoom or Skype) to a group of data wranglers at Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com)? If you would, please contact me at boris@gorelik.net.

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