Graph Analysis and Visualization

Richard Brath and David Jonker. Graph Analysis and Visualization: Discovering Business Opportunity in Linked Data. Wiley, 2015.

Graph Analysis and Visualization brings graph theory out of the lab and into the real world. Using sophisticated methods and tools that span analysis functions, this guide shows you how to exploit graph and network analytic techniques to enable the discovery of new business insights and opportunities. Published in full color, the book describes the process of creating powerful visualizations using a rich and engaging set of examples from sports, finance, marketing, security, social media, and more. You will find practical guidance toward pattern identification and using various data sources, including Big Data, plus clear instruction on the use of software and programming. Sample data sets and code examples in Python and JavaScript can be downloaded from here.

Sample Datasets and Files

Some of the examples discussed in the book are available as downloads. These downloads may include the raw dataset, for example, in a spreadsheet; and may contain the data in a graph file format, e.g. gml; and may contain a saved Gephi or Cytoscape file.

Channel Flipping
An example clickstream dataset, showing viewer navigation between different TV channels. Files.

HR Org Chart
An example of an org chart, larger than would typically fit with a top-down or radial layout. Files.

Viral Marketing
An example of viral marketing based on emailed promotions and mail forwarding. Files.

Flight Network
Using open data of flight statistics and location data for airports, the flight network can be visualized using a geographic layout. Files.

Email Network
Using cc’s in emails, a network can be built showing communities that frequently collaborate. In this example, the result is visualized using a simple D3 force-directed layout, explained in the book. Files. See also link above for building a network from email data using Python.