Research Areas of Interest

I’m interested in many areas of visualization and visual analytics. I’ve written multiple books and parts of books. I research, write, publish and blog about these visualization themes:

Text, Shape, Glyphs, High cardinality categories, Bertin

Rules and Alerts, Insight generation, Natural language generation

Financial Markets, Professional Sports, Supply Chain,
Spreadsheets, Business Applications

Design and Evaluation
Aesthetics, Process, Analogy, Connotation, Heuristics, Critique, Metrics

3D, Big Data, Knowledge Maps

Analytics and Machine Learning
Factor decomposition, Classification, What-if, Forecasting

Peer Reviewed Conference Publications and Journal Articles

Brath, R. Surveying Wonderland to Uncover More Literature Visualization Techniques. IEEE VisWeek 2021, 6th Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities (VIS4DH), October 2021. Paper.

Brath, R. and C. Hagerman, Automated Insights on Visualizations with Natural Language Generation. 25th International Conference Information Visualization, Sydney, July 2021. Paper.

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Brath, R., C. Hagerman and E. Sorenson. Why Two Y-Axes (Y2Y): A Case Study for Visual Correlation with Dual Axes. 24th International Conference Information Visualisation, Vienna, September 2020. Paper.

Brath, R. and E. Banissi. The Design Space of Sparkwords at Eurovis 2019: 21st EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization (Porto, June 2019). Paper.

Hagerman, C., R. Brath and S. Langevin. Visual Analytic System for Subject Matter Expert Document Tagging using Information Retrieval and Semi-Supervised Machine Learning. at IV19: 23rd International Conference Information Visualization, Paris, July 2019. Paper.

Jonker, D., R. Brath and S. Langevin. Industry-Driven Visual Analytics for Understanding Financial Timeseries Models. at IV19: 23rd International Conference Information Visualization, Paris, July 2019. Paper.

Brath, R. and E. Banissi. Bertin’s forgotten typographic variables and new typographic visualization. in Computer and Geographic Information Systems (CaGIS). Journal special issue on 50th anniversary of Jacques Bertin (Nov 2018). Journal Link.

Brath, R. Techniques for Adding Diverse Contextual Data into Visualizations at Information+ 2018 (Berlin 2018). Presentation.

Brath, R. and M. Matusiak. Automated Annotations at Visualization for Communication Workshop (VisComm, Berlin 2018). Paper.

Brath, R. Text in Visualization. PhD dissertation. London South Bank University, 2018. Thesis.

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I have presented at many industry conferences, universities and industrial research labs. Some are listed here:

Brath, R. The Vast Potential for New Text Visualizations at University of British Columbia. January 31, 2020. Video.

Brath, R. A Critical Review of Visualization Informed by Cartography at Sous le texte la carte: La visualisation du texte en cartographie. ESAD Valence. November 28, 2019.

Jonker, D. and R. Brath. Value in the Details: Mapping the Universe with Big Data Visualization for Big Data and Global Policies. Yale. November 7, 2019.

Brath, R. Using Typography to Expand the Design Space of Data Visualization for HCI Design Studio One, 2018. Indiana University, Bloomington. October 3, 2018.

Brath, R. and S. Langevin. Text Analytics and New Visualization Techniques at a peer-review industry conference Strata Big Data Conference: Make Data Work. (New York, 2017). Slides. Video.

Brath, R. Beyond Technical Analysis: Using Data Visualization to Understand Market Data, Fundamentals, Technicals, Models, News, Social and More. Chartered Market Technician Association Annual Symposium, New York. April 6, 2017.

Brath, R. and R. Harper, Value in the Details: Understanding Data Through Visual Exploration, Strata Big Data Conference: Make Data Work. (New York, 2015). Slides. Video.

Brath, R. and D. Jonker, Visualizing Big Graphs and Social Networks, Strata New York, Oct 2013. Slides.

Brath, R., and N. Schwartz. Making Major League Data Work – Example Big Data Visualization. Strata New York, Sept 2012. Slides. Video. Poster.

Brath R., Visual Discovery, Visual Fusion and Visual Analytics. Predictive Analytics World, April 25-26, 2012 Toronto.

Brath R., Challenges with Big Data Visualization. Strata Event “Explore Data After Dark”, Strata NY 2011, Sep 20-22, 2011.    

Brath R., and M. Peters. Visualizing Portfolios of Projects. Microsoft Project Conference Nov 26, 2008, Vancouver.

Brath R., Search, Sense-making and Visual User Interfaces, Boston Search Engine Meeting, April 29-30 2008, Boston. (award for runner up best paper)

Brath R., Introduction to Information Visualization, Managing Information in the Public Sector, Apr 24-25 2008, Toronto.

Brath R. Visualization and Sense-Making, Special Libraries Association Annual Conference June 3-6, 2007, Denver.

Brath R., Risk and Portfolio Visualization, Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Annual Conference Feb 27-28, 2007.

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Brath, R. Visualizing the Supply Chain. Rhythm User Group Annual Meeting, October 10, 1999.

Brath, R. Using 3-Dimensional Interaction to Uncover Patterns of Knowledge in Corporate Data, Canada’s Association of I.T. Professionals (CIPS), September 1999.

Brath, R. Visualizing Credit Risk with Drill-down through Multi-variate Distributions and Scatterplots. RMA Credit Risk. June 1998.

Brath, R. and R. Duncan. Visualizing Data. Book review in Dr. Dobb’s Journal, June 1997.