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Legacies of Isotype

ISOTYPE was a dramatic reconceptualization of statistical graphics in the 1930’s by Otto and Marie Neurath and their collaborators. Contemporary charts, such as seen in Brinton, were mostly black, simple dots or lines, tiny captions and full of dense grid … Continue reading

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Which scatterplot is preferred?

Next week, we’ll be presenting a machine learning (ML) and visualization paper at the IV2019 conference in Paris. The core idea is to tag and display relevant news headlines in a real-time ambient visualization system. From an ML perspective, the … Continue reading

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SparkWords are words in running text where words embed additional data using color, bold, italic, etc. Visualization is embedded directly into the narrative words. Continue reading

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Data Comics (with NFL play example)

Data comics are a great extension to infographics. Data comics are essentially a narrative explanation of a visualization set out in a comic-like format. The overall sequence explains the story. (e.g. see this paper for some examples comparing infographics to … Continue reading

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Visualizing Quantitative Values in 3D

We’re working on a few data visualization projects at Uncharted using VR, AR and 3D printing. Given the rise of these new techniques, it may be time to dust off 3D data visualization (again). What are the use cases where … Continue reading

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Generating stories about data with visualization

Early in my career, I’d create data visualizations and without fail, my manager would ask: “So, what’s the story here?” In data visualization the objective isn’t the visualization – it’s the insight gained from the visualization. Visualizations don’t announce their … Continue reading

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Bertin extended to text (pt 2)

Bertin created a hundred visualization variants of a dataset. I created a dozen more: all text-based. Continue reading

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