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New InfoTypography research validates and quantifies text variables in visualization

A decade ago, I had a hypothesis that text could be integrated within visualization, such as the use of typographic variables to encode data. That is, boldness, oblique angle, underlines, or even x-height might be useful to convey additional data … Continue reading

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Rethinking Flowcharts

Flowcharts are ubiquitous. There are incredibly amusing flowcharts on almost any topic, copied across blogs and other websites, such as this fun one about how to leave a dinner party: There are so many fun flowcharts. But you’ll notice many … Continue reading

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Maps Leaking Typography into Visualization

I enjoy typography and cartography. Cartographic labels show more than just the name of the place, such as using font weight to indicate population in a town, or spacing to indicate the extents of a mountain range (previous post). It … Continue reading

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Text Visualizations and Proto-Text Visualizations

Michael Friendly recently sent me this Common Sense Revolution visualization by Scott Sørli plotting a timeseries from 1985-2007 of welfare income for a single person in Ontario; and the names of all the homeless who died on the streets of Toronto … Continue reading

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Showing risks, rights & freedoms in visualizations

The tragic events in Ukraine have left me wondering how quantitative visualizations miss showing complex issues such as human rights. One aspect of this conflict mentioned by various media outlets as well as elected officials is the flow of funds … Continue reading

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Two Y-Axes may be Appropriate!

Many visualization people are against dual-axis charts. There are research papers that recommend against, websites that recommend against, and some tools don’t support it. Hadley Wickham, the author of the popular R visualization package ggplot2, does not support dual axes … Continue reading

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Visualizing with Texture: Lessons from Puzzles

Over the holidays, we put out a couple jigsaw puzzles, to solve collaboratively or otherwise take a break from holiday mayhem. These are big puzzles, we did a 2000 piece cartoon puzzle and a 1000 piece photograph puzzle. With such … Continue reading

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Lyrics as Tiles: Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy coded with Color and Texture

Song lyrics depend heavily on rhythm, syllables and rhyme (in some songs such as pop songs). Some poetry visualizations add white space between words and lines, which can then be filled with various visualization techniques, such as forming links between … Continue reading

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Modley’s Pictographs and Graphs

Rudolf Modley was a key figure in the popularization of Isotype in the United States. I’ve previously written about Isotype (e.g. hypothesizing what happened to it, and thematic axes). I recently received Modley and Lowenstein’s book Pictographs and Graphs (1952, … Continue reading

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58 Ways to Visualize Alice in Wonderland (+10 more)

How many ways are there to visualize a book? Bar chart, scatterplot, word cloud… that’s too narrow thinking. And, yes, there are websites showing how academics visualize text. But what happens out in the wild? Artists? School assignments? Professional designers? … Continue reading

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