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Visualizing with Text: author’s copy and new content

I just received my author’s copy of Visualizing with Text this morning! It’s awesome to finally hold the book after 2 years of writing (and the start of this blog 7 years ago!): Flipping through triggers some memories, like finding … Continue reading

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Visualizing with Text – high-res figures now on-line

Visualizing with Text releases any day now: I hope to have my copy before the end of VisWeek. I’ve finally posted all the figures that I authored on-line with a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. There’s 158 high-resolution images and diagrams from … Continue reading

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The transformation of Isotype

Over on EagerEyes, Robert Kosara recently asked, what happened to ISOTYPE? It’s a good question, with a multi-faceted answer. Here’s a few facets, mostly focused on inherent limitations of the Isotype design approach: 1. What’s an Isotype line chart? Isotype … Continue reading

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