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Richard is a long time visualization designer and researcher. Professionally, I am one of the partners of Uncharted Software Inc. I have recently completed a PhD in data visualization at LSBU. The opinions on this blog are related to my personal interests in data visualization, particularly around research interests related to my PhD work- this blog is about exploratory aspects of data visualization not proven principles.

Visualizing Quantitative Values in 3D

We’re working on a few data visualization projects at Uncharted using VR, AR and 3D printing. Given the rise of these new techniques, it may be time to dust off 3D data visualization (again). What are the use cases where … Continue reading

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Generating stories about data with visualization

Early in my career, I’d create data visualizations and without fail, my manager would ask: “So, what’s the story here?” In data visualization the objective isn’t the visualization – it’s the insight gained from the visualization. Visualizations don’t announce their … Continue reading

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Bertin extended to text (pt 2)

Bertin created a hundred visualization variants of a dataset. I created a dozen more: all text-based. Continue reading

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Album de Statistique Graphique

The Album de Statistique Graphique is a set of annual publications of data visualizations in France in the late 1800’s. I first heard about them from Michael Friendly a decade ago and have always been on the lookout to find … Continue reading

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Using Font Attributes with D3.js

Most of the typographic visualization examples on this site are created in D3.js, using  SVG. There are tons of examples of D3 on the web used to create bars, dots, etc; but not many online examples where font attributes are … Continue reading

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Text in Visualization – thesis on-line

You can now find my full thesis on-line. Instead of reading the whole thesis to learn about the design space of text in visualization, you can find a two page overview that summarizes the entire thesis on page v-vi: The … Continue reading

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Word Stems Visualized

In this blog there have been many posts of words visualized where differences are accentuated and encoded using bold, italics, underlines, etc. But what if you want to visualize the similarities? Stemming is a basic task in a lot of … Continue reading

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