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Two Y-Axes may be Appropriate!

Many visualization people are against dual-axis charts. There are research papers that recommend against, websites that recommend against, and some tools don’t support it. Hadley Wickham, the author of the popular R visualization package ggplot2, does not support dual axes … Continue reading

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Generating stories about data with visualization

Early in my career, I’d create data visualizations and without fail, my manager would ask: “So, what’s the story here?” In data visualization the objective isn’t the visualization – it’s the insight gained from the visualization. Visualizations don’t announce their … Continue reading

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Equal Area Cartograms and Multivariate Labels

There has been recent discussion on equal area cartograms (aka tile maps), for example,¬†NPR Hexagon Maps. But why are they colored symmetric shapes, for example these equal area cartograms from UK publications are squares, hexes and circles: And what other … Continue reading

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