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Lost Works of Jacques Bertin on Typography

Strangely, out of 450 pages+ in Bertin’s Sémiologie Graphique translated into English only 4 pages about typography were not translated. Continue reading

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Visualizing Emotions

Emotion analysis of text documents is an emerging area of interest. Closely related is the visualization of emotions. Emotion analysis is the next step after sentiment analysis. In many respects, sentiment analysis is easier – there’s a single dimension of sentiment … Continue reading

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Modified Fonts for Visualization

All the examples of using font attributes in this blog, until this post, have used off-the-shelf fonts and their associated attributes, such as weight, italic, case and so forth. Oblique angle has also been used (on sans serifs), as it … Continue reading

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Equal Area Cartograms and Multivariate Labels

There has been recent discussion on equal area cartograms (aka tile maps), for example, NPR Hexagon Maps. But why are they colored symmetric shapes, for example these equal area cartograms from UK publications are squares, hexes and circles: And what other … Continue reading

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The Table of Visual Attributes (2013)

Mapping data to visual attributes is the essence of data visualization. As visualization is still a new field of research, however, there does not exist a standard list of visual attributes. Below is a list of visual attributes organized chronologically … Continue reading

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The Fundamentals of Data Visualization.

This blog is about the fundamentals of data visualization. The design space for data visualization is vast, much remains to be discovered and codified. Many data visualizations, charts and graphs rely on very simple encodings: size, color and location (x,y) … Continue reading

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