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There are many visual attributes that data can be transformed into.

Noticing a Difference vs. Decoding

I’ve had a number of papers rejected where I’ve varied multiple (font) attributes within a single visualization – jump ahead to fig. 6 for an example. There are members in¬†the visualization community and the typography community who have reservations about … Continue reading

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Meta Ranking of Visual Attributes in Data Visualization

Encoding data into visual attributes is one of the fundamental processes of data visualization. The challenge is to find the right encoding for the data to be represented. In fact, errors in the choice of encoding is the most common … Continue reading

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Why Visualize with Fonts Now?

Traditionally, fonts have been treated rather simply in visualizations: simple labels with no differentiation. So, why should we even consider font attributes (such as bold and italic) in visualization. And why now? 1. Higher resolution: the resolutionary revolution For 20 … Continue reading

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Using font attributes to convey data in visualizations

Font differentiation is rarely used in information visualization for differentiating among categories of information. However it has been used in this way in typography, notation systems and cartography. Historic Examples One very early example is from Chambers’¬†Cyclopaedia published in 1728. … Continue reading

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The Table of Visual Attributes (2013)

Mapping data to visual attributes is the essence of data visualization. As visualization is still a new field of research, however, there does not exist a standard list of visual attributes. Below is a list of visual attributes organized chronologically … Continue reading

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