TypeCon 2015: Using Type to Add Data to Data Visualizations

TypeCon 2015 is underway. The presentation Using Type to Add Data to Data Visualizations was well received. Thank you for all the positive feedback and encouragement. This is the first time an example using x-height as a parametric attribute has been shown and the feedback was highly positive – until now it has been purely speculation on my part that intrinsic type-specific attributes, such as x-height, could work for encoding data. Here’s the table of type attributes and their encodings as presented:

Font Attributes and Encodings

Table showing font attributes for encoding data based on historic usage. Table also indicates what types of data the attributes can encode and examples. Last 3 rows are speculative, not based on historic usage.

Below is the paper that corresponds to the presentation, including all the examples discussed and citations for various references:


This post will also be updated with the corresponding slides, although a few permissions need to be checked first.

About richardbrath

Richard is a long time visualization designer and researcher. Professionally, I am one of the partners of Uncharted Software Inc. I have recently completed a PhD in data visualization at LSBU. The opinions on this blog are related to my personal interests in data visualization, particularly around research interests related to my PhD work- this blog is about exploratory aspects of data visualization not proven principles.
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